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Welcome to The Shoe College, Université des Chaussures.

The Shoe College was established in 2003 by master designer/maker, Tamera Lyndsay, to help designers and would be designers learn first hand about their products by producing (in a working lab environment) complete prototypes from sketch to finished product. This pragmatic style of teaching brings an otherwise overwhelming myriad of skill sets and procedures down to earth.

The Shoe College's classes, courses and programs are lab based, linear, and experiential. The programs give designers and design students alike an edge by filling in the critical gap, that of first-hand knowledge of the product.

Being lab based, The Shoe College, Université des Chaussures provides an excellent opportunity to gain experience that cannot be obtained at any shoe design program currently offered in North American universities or group workshops. In addition, all of our programs are "fast track" with the longest and most extensive course running just under three weeks, and most running under one week. We also schedule the programs when working students can take them...often over weekends and holidays.

The Shoe College offers learning opportunities in all types of hand lasted footwear through scheduled classes, special course work, certificate programs, apprenticeships and internships at all skill levels and in all types of quality hand-lasted footwear both men's, women's and children's.

Since we are a very small, independent private college, we are not beholden to the ordinary faire of the currently existing design programs. Our focus is to bridge developing technologies such as 3-d printing with prototype techniques currently used by working designers and makers thus enriching and improving the creative and technical expertise of our students. In other words, we teach the real world stuff that you can't currently get from any university in North America. Our programs are created to pick up where CAD leaves off. A major thrust of The Shoe College's philosophy is not only to empower designers to make cost-saving and/or better fitting shoes through learning all about their product from a production POV, we also encourage and foster the return, growth and development of local, sustainable, and responsible business models.

Classes are conducted entirely in a working shoe lab in New Orleans. The Shoe College teaches, inspires and empowers students with the skills and knowledge to design and make their own prototypes and samples freeing them from the limitations of relying on the factory to produce the samples while at the same time, experiencing first hand, how their design on paper really works in the actual end-product.

Our students are some of the brightest and hard working...check out the student gallery for a taste of the work accomplished here. If you want to be amongst them, feel free to submit our easy online application form, no obligation.

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Starting December 2016, All Courses & Programs will be conducted at our new New Orleans location!